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Digital capability-building specialists for the social sector

Digital capability-building specialists for the social sector

ThunderQuote specialises in building digitally-transformative capabilities and open, sector-wide IT infrastructure within the nonprofit sector. We have developed a deep, realistic understanding of charity-specific technology issues and service user constraints while working with SSAs from across the sector.

ThunderQuote has been appointed as a pre-approved consultant by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) for IT Consultancy & Advisory projects under their Tech-and-GO! (TNG) initiative

This program is designed to provide social service agencies (SSAs) with technical funding and guidance to fuel their digital transformation journeys. Keep scrolling for a full breakdown of who we are and what we offer!

We're here to help with your IT implementation & planning!

Which digital solution tool system should I adopt?

Our Technical Advisory can help you evaluate your options and select the right digital solution for you. Our services include:

  • Analysing your current systems and solutions
  • Diagnosing your pain points and technology needs
  • Recommending pre-scoped digital solutions
  • Providing key technical advice on critical IT issues

Where can I get help for my IT implementation? change management? project management?

Our Digital Implementation Consultancy aims to assist you in implementing your IT solutions, in the areas of:

  • Project management
  • Process improvement
  • Change management
  • Job redesign
  • Post-implementation advisory

What should I do to digitalise future-proof transform my organisation?

Our Digital Strategy Planning module can help you identify your digital priorities and create detailed strategies for future implementation. We do so in the following areas:

  • Facilitation workshops
  • Change management implementation
  • Post implementation advisory

The ThunderQuote Consulting Process - Your Digital Voyage

Our consulting process and tools are shaped around the idea of a digital voyage, in which SSAs are setting sail to undertake a digital transformation journey.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and close alignment with the nonprofit sector



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