Digital Transformation Support Tools

ThunderQuote E-Procurement Platform

Free e-procurement platform and sourcing tool for B2B purchases. We are proud to have served and to continue supporting clients including MNCs, GLCs and many

Xero-PayNow SGQR Integration

Quick setup for custom Xero Payment integration with SGQR payments, allowing organisations to automatically generate PayNow payment links and QR codes in their invoices. Learn

SSA PayNow QR Generator

Free QR code generator for SSAs/Non-Profits to create customized SGQR PayNow codes for easy donations and payments. Learn More

Migrant Worker Access Resource Hub

ThunderQuote won an Open Innovation Challenge by IMDA and NVPC to create a sector-wide project: Migrant Worker Access Resource Hub, a unified resource centre with

NCSS Tech-and-Go! Digital Consultancy

ThunderQuote has been appointed as one of two pre-scoped digital consultants for NCSS Tech-and-GO! (TNG). As part of the TNG program, ThunderQuote is providing technical

BSS Streams Of Life Resource Centre

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, ThunderQuote partnered with the Bible Society of Singapore (BSS) to provide a free National Church Live Streaming Resource Centre to

SecureMeet Meetups

Free event booking system that utilises SingPass (GovTech) and SafeEntry to facilitate safe distancing requirements for events, meetings and services, without the need to manually

SecureMeet AGM

A secure virtual AGM platform, integrated with the Singapore National Digital Identity platform (GovTech) to facilitate secure, encrypted, authenticated and verified identities for AGMs via