Employee Exit Interview


The intent of this Exit Interview is to enable the company & team to improve and create a more conducive working environment.


It is the policy of ThunderQuote to ensure that any employee whose employment is ending, whether voluntary or involuntarily, receives an exit interview. The objectives of the exit interview are as follows: 

  • To determine and discuss the employee’s reason for resignation, if applicable. 
  • To discover and discuss any misunderstandings the employee may have had about his/her job or with his/her manager. 
  • To maintain goodwill and teamwork amongst current and future employees. 


Upon an employee’s announcement of his/her intent to resign, the manager shall schedule an exit interview for the employee with the HR Manager as soon as possible. 

The departing employee shall complete the following exit interview form as thoroughly as possible. 

Any information obtained during the exit interview, may be disclosed to and/or discussed with the employee’s manager, the Director and Partners, as deemed necessary, in order to investigate any allegations made or to inform them of any emerging problems. 

  • What did you think of your supervision in regard to the following?

  • How would you rate the following in relation to your job?