Your Digital Voyage Readiness Results

You are a digital first-mate!
You are working hard to begin your digital voyage.

You’re on the right track to digitally transforming your organisation, with a good overview of your beneficiaries and donors.

Digital systems are starting to become the norm in your organisation, though some manual processes are still in place. You are also starting to take your data seriously, and using insights from your analysis to look at where you should focus next.

Automation is starting to take hold too, with more and more workflows being automated within your SSA. You’ve made strides in your digital transformation, but some processes still remain unclear and siloed.

You’ve made good progress, but how do you keep it going?
Check out your 3-step plan for Digital First-Mates below to find out how to keep your organisation digital and get your crew onboard.

Want further analysis of your results?

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