Apps built with no and low-code technologies are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst non-technical users. Compared to traditional coding that requires extensive coding languages, no and low-code technologies adopt simple logic and drag-and-drop features, making it easily adaptable, faster and more cost-efficient.

Non-profits, specifically those in the midst of developing your own IT expertise, can benefit from these technologies in building your own apps.

Join us in our webinar, brought to you exclusively by ThunderQuote, in partnership with the TechUP Series by NCSS Tech-and-GO!, to learn more about building apps with no code and low code platforms!

  • This Webinar will cover:

    • An introduction to no code and low code platforms
    • Benefits, limitations, and use cases of no code and low code platforms
    • Case studies of no code and low code platforms in the social sector
    • Comparisons of popular no code and low code platforms
    • Workflow examples (from beginner to advanced uses)
    • And more!

Join us on 21st January 2022 (Friday) at 3pm!

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21 January 2022 (Fri), 3pm (SG)