The world is changing rapidly, and so too is the non-profit sector. Increasingly, our work requires us to go digital to keep up with today’s pace, from online fundraising to e-procurement. SSAs may feel overwhelmed with where and how to start digitalising. 

The Non-Profit Digital Transformation Masterclass Series aims to be a guide for SSAs & non-profits to digitally transform your organisation, brought to you exclusively by ThunderQuote in partnership with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

What we covered:

  • Digital Infrastructure Roadmap for Non-Profits and SSAs
  • Digital Transformation Self-Diagnosis Framework
  • TQ Digital Captain’s Wheel
  • What to prioritise in your transformation, and dealing with common digitalisation challenges
  • A full list of recommended software and IT programs for each step of the digitalisation process
  • And more!


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