Customer Success Executive (Part-time)


As a Customer Service Executive, you will be crucial to ThunderQuote’s continual growth by servicing customers and communicating with new clients.
You will be communicating with clients on our systems, supporting them and clarifying their doubts as well as actively connecting to new vendors for our platform to offer them the deals on our platform and working with them to bring their quotations on to the platform for the buyers in our system.

Here are some ways you will be working together with us at Thunderquote:

  • Supporting customers on our platform and assisting them to achieve their
  • desired outcomes
  • Working with customers to build strong customer relationships and create customer advocates
  • Engage customers to increase adoption, ensure retention and improve satisfaction
  • Manage and resolve client problems
  • Improving customer success systems and processes


So… what does it take to get this role?

  • Enjoys meeting with new people and building relationships
  • Genuine and have a heart for service
  • Communicate and work well with others
  • Willingness to execute and learn
  • Self-motivated & shows initiative
  • Good communications skills
  • Must be able to commit for at least 4 months of part-time work

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Core Values

Actively say what you’re afraid to say, challenge norms

Actively do it well, do it once and for all

Actively understand others before seeking to be understood

Actively ask, Actively learn, Actively improve

Actively take ownership and get it done on time

Actively honour and care for each other & customers


How the recruitment works?


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Step 01

Phone Screening

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Step 02


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Step 03

Final Interview

Step 04

How to stand out?

Before you apply please be sure to have read the job description thoroughly and match your CV to the required skills. We’re good, but we’re not mind readers. if you have assisted in a data mining project before, started an initiative at work or in your school, let us know about it! If you’re an awesome team leader who took their company to heights of success, shout it from the rooftops!

Show us how you work: give us concrete examples of achievements, or even of failure and how you dealt with it.

Tell us why this job and what you think you can do for us. What is it that attracts you to, say, working in our Product or Operations teams?

Why is all of this so important?

Your application is read by real people, not machines. We are hopefully reading the resumes of our future colleagues, and we want to make sure you’re a perfect fit. So make sure you tell us everything you can about yourself and how great you are!

And although of course we read them with the job specifications in mind, we are always on the lookout for talent in other areas as well. So while you need to be precise in your application, if we feel you would be a better fit elsewhere, we might want to talk about that opportunity, too. We don’t just want to fill a position, we want the best people to come and work with us.


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