With organizations quickly moving their work online, opting for electronic signatures (e-signature) can quicken the process of validating important documents. This not only increases your non-profit’s work efficiency but also allows you more time to build relationships with your stakeholders and strive towards your organization’s goals. 
Join us in our exclusive webinar in partnership with the TechUp Series by NCSS Tech-and-Go! to learn more about the e-signature solutions, where you will get to claim and set up your non-profit’s e-signature solution for free.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Introducing various e-signature solutions
  • An opportunity to claim a free e-signature package*
  • Overcoming common challenges in setting up and implementing e-signature solutions in your organization
  • Common e-signature automation workflows
  • E-signature best practices and key decisions to consider for your non-profit
  • And more!
*Note: 100% co-sponsored e-signature license package for 75 SSAs only, by ThunderQuote & HelloSign/Dropbox.

Join us on 5th November 2021 (Friday) 3pm!

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5th November 2021 (Fri), 3pm (SG)